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The Common Room Virtual Fireplace App was designed with love by 5x entrepreneur, Arjun Rai. The goal of this is to create the ultimate mobile and relaxing ambience anywhere and anytime. Rai’s passion for fireplaces along with minimalism in art has led him to build several apps and startups over the years since he was a teenager. Common Room is yet another effort to bringing beautiful experiences to everyone...just a bit more relaxing this time around. :) Follow him at twitter.com/arjunraime

How it works?

Common Room works alongside any of your favorite music apps. Simply start Common Room app first followed by opening your favorite music app to play songs then return back. You can control the volume of the fire crackle as well as turn it on and off via the menu in Common Room. Enjoy!

Made with a passion for positive and cozy vibes...

NYC :)